Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am not so into koreanovelas but sometimes, they have this great songs that goes with them and I go crazy. Here is one track from Spring Waltz (never saw the show) that a guy made me listen to and he was so right when he said I will love it. I don't just love it, I am so head over heels going gaga over it. The music is autoplay so I hope you will enjoy listening to it as well.

ONE LOVE - Acel Bisa

Higher than the sky above you
Clearer than blue
Brighter than the rays of sunshine
Warmer than what you feel
More than all the wonders you see
It's the most wonderful thing

Brighter than the living colors of flowers you see
Sweeter than the touch of water
Flowing from the mountain spring
More than all the wonders you see
It's the most wonderful thing

One love...
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
All we need is love
Real love

Marvel at the sight of green fields
Amazingly seen
Watch the colors of the rainbow
It's a miracle you see
More than all the wonders can be
But there's more than that

One Love...
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
All we need is love
Real love

Greater than what you can feel
More than what you ever dreamed
This is better than your everything

One love...
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one(8x)
All we need is love
One love

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Notes by Joe D' Mango - episodes 1 & 2

I have always been a fan of Joe D'Mango's Love Notes over at 89.9 Magic back then until he transferred to it's sister station Wave 89.1 at the Fm dial of the radio. Got lucky, I found him on Youtube and if he decides to continue making more episodes, I will probably post them again next time ... for now, let's enjoy the first two love letters (please be sure to turn off my Imeem music located on the mid bottom-left side of this page, for you to be able to enjoy love notes video, thanks!)

* * *

Thursday, December 25, 2008

my Christmas day

Can't help but feel so down today.
Have you ever felt like sinking in the sea of sadness?
The holidays has given me an excuse to feel unloved, to feel unlucky, and to feel insignificant.
I have so much love to give, so much to share but I can't seem to find the right man to give it to and share it with ...
... that man can't seem to find his way to my life.
Just how do you teach your heart to wait?
How do you give hope to the shattered?
What if he appear one day and there is nothing left in my heart but sorrow ... no love ... just a broken heart?
I hope he is out there looking for me.
I hope he is on his way. I hope he is in a hurry.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because you Believed In Me

I believe in dreams 
Because I made them while I am with you 
When our hands are tight together 
I know I am going to be strong 

If I can keep you beside me 
Every storm will meet its ending
There is no reason not to feel free
Because I know you love me 

You taught me how to believe 
In impossible things that can be real
And that there no river wild 
That we can not survive 

Truly your eyes showed me the journey of life 
I am now blind to see whatever flaw I have
You said it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong
Because there is no such thing as imperfection

I believe love has given me all I need to see 
All I want to have and all I need to be 
And if you think I believe in fairytales,
That is because you believed in me. 

Friday, July 25, 2008


The soft kiss of the wind on my cheeks is nothing
Compared to the shivers that you bring to me
When you look into my eyes

The gentle sound of the morning breeze
Could not even compete when you speak
For it is like a sweet melody to my ears

Perfection is not the warmth of sunrise,
Or, the calmness of the sea.
Instead, it is your innocent smile that greets me.

Beautiful is never what the eyes can see
Or what the world dictates to me
It is you who loves me.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Reply To The One I Love

You are lying next to me
But you seem too far away
Am I wrong to have imaginary emotions?
Wondering if you will ever slip away?

You always apologize
For all the things you have done
But could it be fiction
When you tell me that you need me?

But isn’t it so amazing
How could you be somebody else?
And want something else,
When I am not around?

You hold me by the hand
And you have all that I am
You own every piece of my heart
You took the whole of my soul

When will you say you love me?
Perhaps I am still a dream away.
If it’s not yet time for you to love me
It is best to just go away.

I will continue to close my eyes
So I don’t have to see all the love
That I cannot possibly have
When you are with me.

*** this poem is the answer to the poem i wrote on august 29, 2005 entitled "To The One Who Loves Me". Please check the Archives.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ang Nagmamahal

Nasilaw ako sa mainit na sinag ng araw
Aba at tanghali na, nakahiga pa ako
Buong gabi pala akong gising
Naka titig lang sa kawalan
Nag iisip, nag tataka, nag tatanong
Tila nakalimutan ko na yata paano mag mahal
Hindi ko na yata alam ang pakiramdam
Ng may nag mamahal
Bigla kong tinanong sa aking sarili,
Paano nga ba ako magmahal?

Bumangon ako at hinanap ang mga lumang liham mo
Binasa ko yun at bigla akong napaluha
Bakit kaya mapag biro ang tadhana?
Mapag linlang ang pag-ibig?
Ngayon minamahal ka pero bukas ay iiwan ka.
Itinigil ko ang katangahan ko,
Pinunasan ko ang pisngi ko.
Isa-isa kong pinunit ang mga papel na nagpapa alala sayo,
Sana’y huli na ang pag iyak kong ito.

Kailan kaya ako ulit magmamahal?
Meron nga akong puso pero wala namang paglalaanan
Masarap nga akong yumakap pero wala namang pag bibigyan.
Para saan pa ang magpa kailanman kung lagi ka namang iiwanan?
Matatapos na naman ang araw na ako ay mag isa.
Sana ay hinahahanap na ako ng taong ako ay iibigin.
At kung sa pagbibigyan ng Diyos, na siya ay magiging akin.
Baka nga sya na ang aking huling mamahalin.

*** my first time to write a poem using my native language. It is a challenge but I love it :)